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Print out the picture and write the name of your psychological abuser at the top of the page.

Sit back and reflect on the fact that this relationship only follows this pattern of an ever-changing, twisting, environment.

Psychological abusers know the harm they inflict and do so because it is simply entertaining for them. Abusers choose to systematically deconstruct the personhood of another individual knowing precisely the harm they're causing – out of free-will.

Wondering if the person you know behaves out of their free-will or their own wounds?

Abusers have good moments and days when they do the right thing.When this happens, the key for victims to remember is that these positive times are an abuser just trying to trick you.This does not wipe their slate clean of all the other terrible days.They may be able to hold it together for only a few days or weeks at a time.The abuser becomes less attractive when you can predict the length of the good days or weeks, and then watch the abusive behaviors return again. Targets of psychological abuse must come to terms with the question of whether the abuser knows what they're doing.

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