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Although to be fair it could be quite possible that Brian was walking home with Russell at the time of the attack and quickly took off for the hills as soon as Russell's attackers showed up opting for whatever reason not to help his friend fend off his attackers. I still think that the motive for Russell's murder has it's roots in the confrontation that occurred earlier that night in the park.While the motive itself seems to be somewhat muddled in so much that Russell merely stood by the side of his friend during the incident in the park and wasn't the initial target of the alleged gang's aggression.

From further articles on the case some notations from Russell's parents on the authorities alleged mishandling of the case: - Officers didn't photograph the scene or chalk mark where Russell's body was found - No samples of blood spots on the pavement some of which may have belonged to individuals others than Russell were taken.In 1996, new information apparently was unearthed in the form of witnesses who claimed that Russell's death was indeed a murder. At this point the unidentified witness makes mention of the fact that the suspect insisted that he accidentally ran Russell Evans over.Based on the information provided by these witnesses Russell's parents were able to finally identify the "teenage gang members" that they believed were responsible for Russell's death along with a vehicle that they may have used. He then began to make mention that the gang also discussed an alibi.Knowing you all these years, I think I have a pretty good idea what kind of guys you're usually interested in through our online chats, as well as our chats on the phone, I think I have a knack for knowing what kind of guys that you're attracted to. I put alot of time into this thread, and it looked like nobody was going to vote, or respond.If you get a chance, could you look at the John Morrison picture? I should have know that my two favorite people in the whole world would respond. I basically just picked the celebrities that first came to my mind.

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