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True that telling a taxi to aim for Twin Inn is ideal, since this is just two doors down. For those of you who watched the movie Expendables 2, this place reminds me of the run down Soviet made American city mock-up. Went in shortly after 4 pm and was quoted 2 K for 90 minutes no muss no fuss. Service was fantastic, shower, massage leading into B2 B and light teasing, transitioning into BBBJ and FS. It seems like the club girls are more likely to not have an umbrella, vs. I tried hitting up these places after 4 am expecting some FL activity, but found both to be very sparse. Other regular Beer bars had only a few ladies in each bar, but (there is always a but) most are older and 6 or less, you will only find a diamond in the rough once in a while. Does it make me cheap Charly, when I usually deny drinks for "friends" of a lady I just met? OK, she did not look hot but acceptable MILF mid thirties and not fat maybe a 5, so upstairs we go. She kept her promises although the BBBJ was for maybe 3 minutes only. It's been / and going to be raining during my stay. Half a block to hit Bangla, which makes logistics of bringing a girl back easy. This street becomes the scooter parking area during nights, which means a good spot to pick up stray FLs are they end their shifts. Maybe I am too old at the age of 56, but talking to a few of them, I did not get the vibe, that they were keen to join me in the room. I am not aware of reading this here, maybe some seniors can help.Thai dating sites make it possible for you to meet Thai girls, ladyboys and men whist in and outside of Thailand.Finding a Thai girl travel companion may be the answer for men who prefer to experience more of Thailand than spending all their time in and around beer bars. Massage with nice transition into teasing followed by BBBJ, FS. If anyone knows the movie Expendables 2, it has the feel of that Soviet made mock American city run down kind of feel. Agree, getting a taxi to Twin Inn is a great option.Let me do the interview and find out to what it leads. Are they like Sensations in Pattaya with over 100 girls or do they have 20-30 girls each?

Kindly suggest a good budget hotel which will be close to the famous bangla road and also guest friendly. So seeking some help from the kind souls here on places for mongering there.

Are there other areas of Phuket with good gogo bars?

I'm trying to decide how many days I will stay in Phuket so I have a question about the gogo bars on Soi Seadragon.

The best free Thai dating apps are Badoo, Tinder and We Chat.

Each of these dating sites has a nice range of available Thai girls with the opportunity to meet thousands of potential hookups.

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