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Rachael: That is understandable, and you do not have to have the broadband in with the package, although very few people in the UK actually need 152mb, unless you have over a dozen computers in your house all downloading illegally, streaming and online gaming on multiple devices all at the same time. Rachael: As I said, that is fine you don’t need to have the Broadband with us to be able to get the TV, you are already aware of that because it is the set up you have at the moment.All I am saying is there is nothing wrong with discussing your TV package before you make any changes, at least that way you would know what your entitled to and make an informed decision, it isn’t going to change your notice period to discuss it first, it would all still change on the same date anyway.Rachael: I am sorry to hear that, what has brought you to this decision today? Rachael: As you can see my name is Rachael and I will certainly be able to help you. You: I’m currently in work, so I would rather just place the cancellation request please.

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She constantly tried to sell him packages even though he said he wanted to leave the service.You: Rachael: You can, I am not saying that I need to call you, I am simply saying that I need to discuss your package with you to see if there is anything I can do to help before I can make any changes to your account, but we can do all of that on here. You: The TV package they have offered is their XL, with one Tivo box and one standard HD box.They have made me aware I will lose the F1 channel, Sky Atlantic and ITV Encore as the main ones.As for their extra box, most of the boxes they do within their package just give you the basic free to air channels, if you want to have the Sky channels on it you need to pay a much higher rate.Where as by having the discussion you might find that we can do an all inclusive package for a similar cost without your having to lose out on what you enjoy, and at the end if you still want to remove your service then we can do that, the end date would still be the same, but atleast you would have known what your options would be.

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