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As they were all friends of Patrick, Mary begs them to stay and eat the lamb, which she has been roasting, while they discuss the case.

Billy Weaver, a young man from London, arrives at a guesthouse.

She calmly calls the Elevator Emergency Service in order to have it repaired.

Adrian Breeze (Boy), Guy Humphries (Stamford), Wayne Brooks (Boy), Timothy Breeze (Boy), Clifford Abrahams (Boy), Paul Spurrier (Young William Perkins), John Mills (William Perkins), Anthony Steel (Man on the Train), Anthony Woodruff (Housemaster), Jonathan Scott-Taylor (Young Bruce Foxley), Colin Thomas (City Gent)Flashy American Paul Duveen stops to give elderly Irish vagrant Michael Fish a lift in his new BMW.

This story is set in India during the time of British colonialism.

But they find no snake on Harry; perhaps it has gone, perhaps Harry imagined the snake.When he realises this, Harry is so relieved that he attacks Ganderbai with racial slurs.The real poison in the room is not the snake's; it is the racist's.Will Leighton (Seamus), Richard Hampton (The Patient), Richard Greene (The Colonel), Michael Hordern (Cyril Bixby), Julie Harris (Mrs Bixby), Alan Chuntz (Taxi Driver), Sandra Payne (Miss Pulteney), Frederick Farley (Pawnbroker), Vass Anderson (Master of Hounds)Michael Byrne (Patrick Marney), Brian Blessed (Detective Sergeant Jack Nolan), Susan George (Mary Marney), Mark Jones (Detective Sergeant Jameson), Andrew Fell (Uniformed Policeman), David English (Plain Clothes Policeman), George Little (Samuel), Hugh Cross (Police Doctor)Mary Marney, a devoted and pregnant housewife, is preparing dinner when her husband Patrick returns home from his job as a police detective. Moving almost on autopilot, Mary fetches a leg of lamb from the deep-freezer in the cellar to cook for their dinner.Patrick says he doesn't want dinner, as he is going out.

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