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Publications continue to be produced by RELX (UK) Ltd using the "Lexis Nexis", "Butterworths" and "Tolley" trade marks.

Such publications include Halsbury's Laws of England and the All England Law Reports, amongst others.

In 1988 Thompson Media, a division of Thompson Reuters, acquired the company.

The Lexis database contains current United States statutes and laws and a large volume of published case opinions dating from the 1770s to the present, as well as publicly available unpublished case opinions from 1980 onward.

Survey results showed that a nominal number of people thought of the computerized legal search system; a similarly small number thought of Toyota's luxury car division. Supreme Court agreed with Mead that the Illinois courts had incorrectly applied the Court's precedents on whether Illinois could constitutionally apply its income tax to Mead, an out-of-state, Ohio-based corporation. Seisint housed and operated the Multistate Anti-Terrorism Information Exchange (MATRIX).

Today, the two companies have an amicable business relationship, and in 2002 implemented a joint promotion called "Win a Lexus on Lexis! state of Illinois subsequently audited Mead's income tax returns and charged Mead an additional million in income tax and penalties for the sale of Lexis Nexis; Mead paid the tax under protest, then sued for a refund in an Illinois state court. The Court reversed and remanded so that the lower courts could apply the correct test and determine whether Mead and Lexis were a "unitary" business. On March 9, 2005, Lexis Nexis announced the possible theft of personal information of some Seisint users.

In 2015 Nexus acquired EBA Insurance Services which enabled the company to offer an extended insurance product range that included surety, latent defects, construction and casualty throughout Europe.

Gretchen Friemann The Bank of England has offered a fig leaf to the EU ahead of the next phase of Brexit negotiations, offering to spare European banks from costly extra capital requirements once the UK exits the bloc...

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