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Thanks also to contributors to this gaming terms glossary!

| Game Names | Business Terms | | Leet Speak | General Terms | Monster-Related | Combat-Related | | Internet Acronyms | Emoticons | Common Misspellings | Japanese | Note | (Use "Find" function to look up specific words) dupe bug, dupe: A way of duplicating items or money or other in-game assets.

server: the program running on the game company's machine that sends out information about the world and so on.

instanced: A zone that is created by the server specifically for a single player or group of players, or for a limited number of players.

This prevents or reduces kill-stealing or mob camping by unrelated individuals, but has been known to make some players feel lonely. live team: The game developers who are assigned to maintain, improve, and run an MMP post-ship.

Anything positive or useful can be called a feature.

("It's a bug, not a feature" or the opposite "it's a feature, not a bug" is an oft-used phrase of rebuttal.) fps, frames: frames per second: a measure of game performance.

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