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Although it required iron will power for her to embrace 'Nathalie G’ ( and the apricot collection.

She had time to experiment with colours, and found the then-fashionable “bridal” shades of white, mauve and silver, “cold and uninspiring”, so she turned instead to flowers in vermilion, oranges and deep reds.When his fiancé, Maria Sutherland (Samia Ghadie), found out, she broke up with him, and Tyrone and Fiz became a couple.When Terry Duckworth (Nigel Pivaro), the son of Tyrone's surrogate parents Jack (Bill Tarmey) and Vera (Elizabeth Dawn), is arrested on a false assault charge after coming out of hiding to take Jack to hospital, Fiz sells the story to the newspapers.In November 2017, Mc Alpine took a break from filming to take part in the 17th series of the ITV (TV network) reality show I'm A Celebrity... She later started working at the Underworld factory.Fiz was involved in a murder storyline in which her husband John Stape (Graeme Hawley), committed three murders and had Fiz help him bury the bodies.

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