Sweden sex

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Typically, he delighted his subjects some years ago with a remark showing his disapproval of the clubbing of baby seals in neighbouring Norway.

He said that a prime minister who couldn’t take care of baby seals couldn’t be very good at ­taking care of his country.

Nor was the mood in the family improved by their eldest child, ­Princess Victoria, 33.

The book claims that Queen Silvia was aware of this affair but was ­helpless as the King ‘had fallen in love like a teenager and, on one ­occasion, the King and Henemark were talking about leaving for a ­distant island, like Marlon Brando in Tetiaroa in French Polynesia, where they planned to live on coconuts’.

To Swedes, it is scarcely ­imaginable that this comfortable man, so ­correct in his role, so enthusiastic about Scouting as the youth movement’s world chairman and a regular visitor to jamborees, could even ­contemplate such a sordid secret life.

First, their son Prince Carl Philip ended a decade-long romance with his g­irlfriend and started seeing Sofia Hellqvist, a reality TV show model who has posed ­wearing ­nothing but a python and a G-string.

Then it emerged their younger daughter Princess Madeleine, 28 — once seen as a possible bride for Prince William — had pulled her engagement ring off her finger, ­cancelled her wedding to her ­dashing lawyer boyfriend of eight years, Jonas Bergstrom, and flown in tears to New York, where she remains.

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