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There's more than one way to be trans, and this world is more than big enough for all types.I'm sharing the tips and tricks that worked for me, in the hopes that you can use them to put together a style that both expresses your own personality and helps you get read as male.Namely, you cannot wear clothes that don't do anything to disguise the incongruities of your body, be that breasts or hips or skinny arms, not if you still want to be read as male.

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Wear it because you looked at it and went, Hells yes, that's the kind of dude I want to be.

But the longer I'm at this, the more I realize that it's also true that you will never be able to pass and you will never be able to look good if you're wearing clothes that you don't like and that don't feel natural to you.

It doesn't matter how "masculine" they are, if you don't like them, then you're going to be radiating discomfort and people will pick up on that.

And not everyone looks like that -- different people are going to be facing different challenges, and there is a lot that I don't address in this guide because I simply don't know how to.

My perennial problem was being too skinny to fill out men's clothes correctly, so my workarounds may not be very applicable to guys with too much weight rather than too little.

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