Youth leader dating who is sharon leal dating

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At one point, believing the girl to be pregnant, he allegedly punched her in the stomach.

In December, the FPÖ's Norbert Hofer came close to being elected Europe's first far-right president since 1945 and the party was topping national polls.

RYAN Messmore is about to find out what happens when you broadcast your love life to the world.

The Catholic theologian and popular speaker living in Brisbane has written a book about his four-year courtship and marriage with his wife Karin Messmore.

"No, Islam is not part of Austria," Strache, back in jeans and traditional loden jacket and accompanied by his model wife 20 years his junior, told a typically beer-swilling, flag-waving FPÖ rally recently.

"Strache is the counterweight to Angela Merkel whose 'welcome culture' is destroying Europe," one FPÖ supporter told AFP, not wishing to give his name.

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